Unhealthy Relationships

How many woman are afraid of getting into a new relationship? It’s scary getting to know someone all over again. I usuallly don’t get involved with men in the workplace, but this guy kept persuing me for about 6 months. I gave him my number and we talked on the phone for 3 months before I invited him over. Being around him made me realize he wasn’t the man for me. Now I’m trying to break away from him, and he not having it. I finally lied to him and told him I met someone else. 3 weeks later he sends me a text saying he misses me. He calls all hours of the night. I told him my new man is a x cop and x marine hoping he would back off. I told him that just in case he gets any deals of doing something supid. I only had sex with him once. which only lasted less than 10 seconds. After our sexual encounter, I began seeing these warning signs, and that why I backed off. He was just too clingy. I Thought to myself my GOD just think of how things would be if I was with him a long time. Now I have to see his ass everyday at work. This is why I shouldn’t have got involved with him. I told him just the other day not to contact me again or I would have a talk with his supervisor. I think he knows I’m serious now. Ladies be carful out there, when things like this happens it makes me not want to have a relationship, because some of these men are crazy and you don’t know who they are until you get involved. What do you all think about this?

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